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Translation LLC - Redefining Office Spaces with PK30 System

Translation LLC

Translation LLC, a leading multi-faceted agency based in Brooklyn, New York, embarked on a journey to create an innovative and dynamic office environment that reflects its brand ethos of precision and creativity. Collaborating with vonDALWIG Architecture, Translation LLC sought to transform its workspace into a hub of inspiration and productivity. With a focus on versatility and aesthetics, PK30 System was chosen to bring the architect’s vision to life.

Translation LLC’s project aimed to revitalize its office space, seamlessly integrating dedicated areas while maximizing the iconic Manhattan views. The project encompassed the renovation and redesign of various spaces within the commercial office, including open workspaces, meeting rooms, and communal areas.


  • Versatility and Adaptability: Translation LLC required a flexible architectural solution capable of accommodating diverse work functions and collaborative spaces.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The design needed to reflect Translation LLC’s brand identity and create a visually appealing environment that inspires creativity and innovation.
  • Technical Expertise: Implementation of custom architectural features, such as wood flush doors and vertical mullions, required precise craftsmanship and technical proficiency. The use of wood flush doors and custom vertical mullions showcased PK30’s technical expertise and ability to create bespoke solutions tailored to the client’s unique requirements.


PK30 System collaborated closely with Translation LLC and vonDALWIG Architecture to develop tailored architectural solutions aligned with the project’s objectives. Leveraging PK30’s expertise in custom fabrication and modular systems, the project featured a range of architectural elements, including swing doors, sliding doors, wood swing doors, fixed panels, and custom fin extrusions.


  • Enhanced Collaboration: The redesigned office space facilitated greater collaboration and communication among Translation LLC’s team members, fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Iconic Design: The incorporation of PK30’s architectural systems contributed to the creation of an iconic office space that reflects Translation LLC’s brand identity and ethos.


By partnering with PK30 System and vonDALWIG Architecture, Translation LLC successfully redefined its office space, creating a dynamic and inspiring environment that reflects its brand values and encourages collaboration and creativity. The project exemplifies the power of innovative architectural solutions in shaping modern work environments and enhancing the employee experience.

Photographer: Magda Biernat © OTTO

Brooklyn, NY

vonDALWIG Architecture ▪ Brooklyn, NY

Scope of Work
Swing doors + Sliding doors + Wood swing doors + Fixed panels + Custom fin extrusions

Program: Commercial Office ▪ Multi-faceted Agency

Photographer: Magda Biernat © OTTO