PK-30 system hardware - quality products - design options


We recognize the important role played by the door hardware in providing our customers with a quality finished product. Fortunately there is a door hardware manufacturer that shares our aesthetic and determination to have design make a difference. That is why we have partnered with FSB USA. FSB has produced door hardware for over a century. FSB’s lever designs are so admired that four have been added to MoMA’s permanent collection. Choose from FSB’s extensive selection of levers and knobs in various metals and finishes. FSB USA is partnered with Accurate Lock in Connecticut to supply mortise locks for the US market. All mortise locks are Grade 1 certified to ANSI/BHMA A156.13.2005 standard and accept any standard North American cylinder, allowing our customers to key any of our mortise locks to building standards. Swing door mortise locks are available in all standard functions. The best of both worlds; FSB’s extensive trim collection combined with quality American made mortise locks from Accurate, handcrafted in the US since 1972.


PK-30 sliding door hardware from Hawa AG is simply the best available. Swiss quality; precision, safety and reliability, proven in service for more than three decades around the world. Hawa AG offers innovative, efficient solutions for sliding door weighing up to 450 lb. Suspension tracks are typically recessed allowing alignment between the top of the sliding door and flanking fixed panel sidelites. A side-fixed to system or wall suspension track is also available. In situations where suspending the doors is not practical a bottom-rolling sliding door hardware solution is available.

FSB sliding door locks are standard, the sliding pocket door lock has an integral edge pull. They are available in a variety of keyed and non-keyed functions and FSB locks may be specified with standard North American cylinders allowing you to match building standard keyways. FSB ADA compliant sliding door locks with vertically mounted levers are a new and unique offering.


  • Centerfold is a high quality accordion wall hardware system for variable room partitions up to 39 feet in width. The suspension point for this system is located at the panel center. The balanced stack is centered on the upper suspension track, continuous bottom guide channels are not required. The geometry of Centerfold requires the starter panel be half-width. Maximum panel width is approximately 40-inches wide and maximum panel weight is 176 lb.
  • Variofold is a high quality bi-folding wall system. The stack is offset to the upper suspension track. A bottom guide channel provides firm stability for installations with more than two doors per side. A stationary egress door may be fitted into the system opposte the stack. The lead panel out of the stack may be configured as a pivot door, providing a convenience opening without having to operate the entire wall. Maximum panel weight is 176 lb.
  • Variotec is a sliding stacking solution. The sliding stacking wall system offers unparalleled flexibility to reconfigure space; perfect for retail, office, hospitality or corporate applications. Its modular and pluggable suspension track system will follow your plans around and into every corner, giving you free rein even for large-scale installations. Made-to-measure suspension tracks may be curved to any radii from 15° to 90°. You can neatly stack a virtually limitless number of panels in a small parking area. The features of this system are:
    • The stacking area can be parallel or perpendicular to the main track.
    • The stack can be located within in a closet.
    • Foot-bolts into dust-proof strikes may be used in lieu of a continuous bottom guide channel.
    • Panels weights up to 330 lbs. and heights to 12’ tall are possible with this system.