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PK-30 Value Engineered Solution


Akin Gump is an international law firm widely considered to be among the most prestigious firms in the nation. The Los Angeles office features a large multi-functional space in the southeast quadrant of the floor where the curved glass exterior curtain wall offers spectacular views. The architect envisioned this as a multi-functional space that could either serve as a large conference room or be opened up as an event space. PK-30 worked closely with the design and engineering team to come up with a solution for a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to achieving their concept. The structural steel added to support the suspension track would be subject to a higher degree of deflection than most operable partitions could handle. Structural analysis showed that if the floor above was very heavily loaded, as in a worst-case scenario, the suspension track could deflect by as much as 1.5 inches. After several brainstorming sessions with the architect, a “floating shoe” concept showed promise. PK30 engineered this concept and then built a mockup that was demonstrated to the design and engineering team. This solution offered a 1.5-inch margin of safety within the panel assembly, that could push or pull away before any pressure was placed on the glazing. The mockup was approved and incorporated into the PK30 System shop drawings.

Devise a solution to cope with an excessive degree of deflection in the ceiling structure.

PK-30 System designed, tested and manufactured a customized “floating-shoe” solution that offered a 1.5 inch margin of safety to cope with potential deflection in the ceiling structure.


  • Continuous floor guides are not required with this system. Foot-bolts into dust-proof floor strikes are used in lieu of a continuous bottom guide channel.
  • The twelve PK-30 operable panels neatly stack into a closet, leaving no trace, creating a wide open multi-functional space.
  • Panels weights up to 330 lbs. and heights to 12 foot tall are possible with this system.

Los Angeles, California

Gensler, Los Angeles ▪ California 90071

Scope of Work
102.5 Linear Feet, (6) Swing Doors + (11) Fixed Panels + (12) Operable Panels

Photographer: © Gensler / Ryan Gobuty